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Are you looking for an editor for your non-fiction writing—personal, academic, or business?
Translucent Arts provides professional services, from copy editing to formatting for publication, polishing your text to optimize its clarity and effectiveness.

Are you working on a writing project and seek skilled, compassionate support?
With her trauma-informed approach, Sandra Beals can help you and what you have to say shine through your writing, work through challenges, develop your writing voice, and achieve your goals.

Sandra Beals

I have been an avid student of language and human communication most of my life and editing and helping people with their writing for more than 30 years. With degrees in literature, language pedagogy, and linguistics, I bring a wealth of knowledge about language and writing to all of my work. I have edited text ranging from academic monographs and memoirs to websites and business documents and have worked with writers one-on-one in university writing centers and privately. I have taught composition, literature, English as a Second Language, and Spanish in universities. As managing editor for a national non-profit, I managed multiple print publications from submission to mailing for five years. Currently, as the principal of Translucent Arts, I focus on editing non-fiction for publication (copyediting, proofreading, and formatting) and consulting with writers on their projects.

Whether as editor or coach, I care about my clients’ text and how it represents them in the world. My clients’ reputation matters to me, as does the uniqueness of their individual voice and what they have to say. I am not about “fixing” your writing (or you); rather, through my editing and coaching, I strive to bring out each writer’s own voice, clarifying and polishing their text so that what they have to say shines through clearly to their readers. If you seek support for your current writing project or editing of your completed personal, academic, or business writing, please contact me for a free initial consultation to explore how I can bring my versatile editing skills and empowering, compassionate, and effective coaching to your project.

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Editing Services

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Whether copyediting to ensure clarity and rhetorical efficacy, formatting documents according to various styles for publication, or final proofreading, editing requires an eye for textual and typographical patterns and meticulous attention to detail. I am an excellent editor because I see things that others don’t notice and know how to make text shine. My attentiveness to stylistic and syntactic features that affect the effectiveness of your writing can enhance any text, from website content to an academic monograph.

I welcome multilingual writers writing in English.

Support for your Writing

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As a writing coach, I am enthusiastic about assisting writers find their voices and achieve their writing goals. I believe that everyone who wants to can write. Unfortunately, many people have had their writing or process criticized in ways that make writing harder, not better. If you want to write but struggle, procrastinate, or give up, my trauma-informed approach can help you find a way through. Together we will work to create safety around writing and integrate any blocks you may be experiencing.

I welcome multilingual writers writing in English.

“The quality of support and expertise that Sandra Beals brings to writing projects is remarkable! Her composition support and editing skills are outstandingly creative and intelligent. While having her work with me on a piece, I was impressed by her profoundly genuine care and commitment to helping me find just the right way to say exactly what I wanted to. She dives right in and wants to understand your perspective in order to help you find and refine your voice for expressing it. Her thoughtful insights, and ability to go into important details without ever losing sight of the aims of the piece as a whole, never ceased to amaze me. Her talent, competence and level of service are extremely rare. I couldn’t give anyone in this field a higher recommendation!”

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